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Our Services

Our experienced dental professionals are trained to conduct a range of service to keep your dental health and appearance at their best. Whether it’s a general oral check-up or an advanced cosmetic procedure, we have you covered.

This is the bread and butter of dental care. General dentistry covers everything from regular check-ups, fillings, basic procedures and dental repairs. 
Cosmetic services are focused primarily on improving the appearance of your teeth, smile and dental region. This may involve teeth straightening and whitening practices as well as veneers.
We are experts at delivering implants and prosthetics such as crowns, bridges and roots for artificial teeth. Implants are a more involved procedure, and we never skip on quality. 
Invisalign is an industry-leading smile correction service. We are experienced practitioners with countless cases of happy customers. Come in for a consultation to start your teeth-straightening journey with Invisalign.
Our children are our future. Proper preventative care sets them up for success. Whether it’s detecting growth patterns or maintaining proper dental hygiene, our dentists are trained to deliver lasting results.
Injectables are becoming increasingly common. Great skin and aesthetic appeal go hand in hand with a beautiful smile. We offer botox and dermal fillers designed to safely and carefully improve the concerns you may have.
Some procedures require sedation, such as wisdom teeth removal. We are experienced and trained to provide a safe and effective range of sedation dentistry to resolve any of the more serious dental problems that arise.
Let us brighten your smile!

Why True Smiles Dental

Highly Trained Dental Team

You simply can’t beat experience. Our dental team has gone through the rigorous training needed to deliver the impressive results that our loyal customers have come to expect. Hands-on experience over years of treating customers is the icing on the cake.

Family Oriented Dentistry

Dental health never stops being a priority. We treat children from as soon as their teeth emerge to adults when their teeth begin to fall out. Everyone in your family deserves effective dentistry, and we’re here for all, young and old.

Advanced Technology in Dentistry

Whether you come in for a quick clean, cosmetic touch up, Invisalign or more serious procedures such as implants, we have the suite of technology to make the experience as seamless and carefree as possible.

Exceptional Quality, Pain-Free Dental Care

Oral hygiene and wellbeing is all about forming good habits and taking prevention seriously. Getting dental care right today avoids serious problems tomorrow. We promote pain-free approaches that deliver high-quality outcomes for all our customers.